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Background When I first got my IDE64 interface, I quickly realised that I felt a serious lack of quick and comfortable way of filling the harddrive with content. Although the hardware interface comes with several tools, which allow managing and copying files between the harddrive and other storage devices connected to the 64, but files and disk or tape images downloaded e.g. from the Internet, in practice, have to be transferred in one of the following ways:

1. via a real CBM compatible floppy

  • slow
  • inconvenient
  • requires additional hard and software
  • transfer platform choice very limited (practically: x86 based pc required)

2. via a CD-ROM

  • acceptably fast
  • still inconvenient as one has to burn CD whenever she wants to transfer even a single file to the IDE64 side
  • requires at least a non-fixed CD-Writer or CD-Writer and CD-ROM

3. via some other, even less convenient, ways like null-modem connections etc.

  • didn't even seriously consider those.

The most obvious way - on the other hand - would be to connect the IDE64 harddrive to your modern desktop machine and simply copy the files. Wouldn't it? I was sure, it would... Thus, I went on googling around to find who made it already possible. All in vain. I found only that I was not the first and not alone in my searches...

Time for me to recall my old and rusty programming abilities, I thought...